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What Just Happened?

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I'm not too fond of surprises. It's this simple; throw me a surprise party, and you are no longer my friend.

Example of a surprise. My dad used to tell me a story often and with a lot of emphasis and exasperation. Recently married to my mother and renting an apartment in Woodside, Queens, he had invited his brothers-in-law over to watch the fights.

But not any match; this was the rematch between Jersey Joe Walcott and Rocky Marciano on May 15th, 1953. There was money riding on this! They set up their chairs in front of the Stromberg Carlson black and white console and poured three glasses of Canadian Club. My dad left the room to get three perfectly legal Cuban cigars.

But he returned to see his guests standing, shouting, their hands in the air, and an overturned chair. After just two minutes of milling about, Walcott was sitting down on the ground, back to the ropes, not really knocked out and unhurt. He then chose to sit there and let the referee count him out, one through ten. Marciano retained the World Heavyweight crown as my dad finishes the story by walking into the room and laughing uproariously out loud, "What happened"?

Example of being prepared. As a staffing and recruiting expert for over 40 years, I have always believed in comprehensive interview preparation. It is essential to know the company, see the interviewer, identify the projects or products, determine the successful candidates. For one of my NYC SCA projects, I had a terrific potential Project Manager in the wings, a contender. (In my imagination, it will always be Marlon Brando's voice saying, "I could have been a contender, I could have been somebody").

The interview turned out to be a mock project meeting with the staff. Our candidate understood the ultimate about his interviewers and current employees and presided over a complete discussion. "Good morning all; Naomi, did you get a progress report from the client? Steve, you're later than usual today. Jane, let's discuss the outstand

ing invoices when finished here." It played out as a five-star theatrical endeavor with the managers applauding by the final curtain - what we strive for every single time. No surprises. Each interview should be as seamless as possible at CareerPoint Staffing; that is what we do best. By knowing the interviewers, the company, the culture, and how your goals intertwine,

you're ahead of the curve. We practice questions and answers with our candidates, offering suggestions on dress, style, and handshakes. We help prepare the perfect resume and LinkedIn Profile. Everything you need to get the ideal job. Please make an appointment with one of our recruiters and let us provide you with the career counseling and opportunities at leading architecture and engineering firms in New York City and nationwide.

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