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Day Number 346

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

So, as I was saying… When I last transcribed words to "paper," I wrote about the pandemic with an imaginable end in sight. Now, I am not so sure.

When I was a kid, the first day back at school after summer recess would inevitably include the assignment to write an essay, "How I Spent my Summer Vacation." What could they possibly have written this year? Perhaps, "How I Watched Mommy and Daddy Bake Sourdough Bread"? Most of all, we miss travel; I'm sure we are all in agreement here. Whether that means campsites or cruise ships or flying to exotic locales, the new normal is not in our lexicon for the short-term. And therefore, the spirit of adventure, which is inherent in human nature, has been momentarily postponed. We didn't visit the family in April and didn't get to have Malta's experience in October. But what I’ve repeated over and over again is that we will hopefully, do it all in 2021 and just need to be patient for life to return to normal.

Part of returning to normal for me has meant returning to the office. CareerPoint officially reopened its offices in Manhattan beginning in August, sort-of. I vacillate because of in-person means some of us, some days and at some hours. The phrase, hybrid schedules, can certainly enter Webster's Dictionary because of the pandemic. However, regardless of each of our locations, CareerPoint's team effort positions us to be perfectly situated to fit each candidate to the right job opportunity, the right career path.

We have realized that reopening is not about carrying on business as usual for those who have returned to the workplace. Not only will many offices be altered initially, but some changes may also be long term. Each employer's plan to return to work will look different, but there are crucial elements that we must understand and start preparing for now.

CareerPoint Staffing and all employers must ensure that their workplaces are as safe as they can be. Safety measures include employee health screening procedures, mandatory masks, and personal hand sanitizers placed strategically around the office. Employee safety must consist of physical distancing measures throughout the office (possibly moving workstations to do this), restricting business travel, limiting visitor contact, prohibiting handshakes, encouraging video conferencing instead of in-person meetings, and providing contactless delivery of supplies.

So, what happens next? Hopefully, if we can get through most of the winter without a significant resurgence of the virus and revenue returns to the city in the form of public transportation, entertainment, dining, and retail. Hopefully, construction returns to the city at an accelerated pace. And hopefully, and most importantly, people return to the city and its environs.

As office buildings, apartments and universities return to full capacity, buildings will be built, facilities will need expansion, maintenance and renovation, firms will expand or contract, larger-capacity compressors will be installed, boilers will be replaced, and facades will be restored.

And nationwide, CareerPoint is ready to staff all of these projects today! To take part in the growth and explore the myriad of possibilities ahead, call, email, or make an appointment for a remote meeting or stop by our offices today. We follow all CDC pandemic safety rules and regulations for our mutual safety.

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