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Our Team

Job seeking engineers and architects work with our team to match their skills and goals with the leading hiring firms in their respective fields.

​Robin McFadden


(646) 237-5402 Direct


​​Robin holds a B.A. in Economics from Duke University. She opened CareerPoint Staffing in 2010.  She manages the firms' business and financial departments.  For 20 years prior to opening CareerPoint Robin managed the back office and financial departments of one of the nation's most successful staffing firms for architects and designers.   Robin also worked at an international talent agency and regional real estate firm.

Bob Giangrasso
Executive Vice President
(646) 237-5401 Direct


Bob holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture from The City College School of Architecture, Urban Design & Landscape Architecture.  He joined CareerPoint in 2013.  He has over twenty-five years’ experience in contract employment services and technical staffing. This includes expertise in recruiting and staff development, contract employment sales and client development, professional searches, and operations management.



Joshua Rabbani
Account Executive & Recruiter

(646) 237-5404 Direct

Josh joined CareerPoint in 2018, shortly after receiving his B.B.A, in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, from the CUNY Baruch Zicklin School of Business. A local to Queens, he moved to Long Island as a child and fell in love with the Northshore. Josh takes a dynamic approach to recruit, creating a niche, and leading the client and candidate process. He has mastered developing constructive and cooperative relationships with candidates, maintaining them over time, and keeping them engaged throughout the recruiting process. He is the one-stop shop for recruiting!


sophja Headshot_edited.jpg

Sofija Naletilic
(646) 237-5405 Direct

Sofija joined CareerPoint in 2023. She holds a Master of Science in Psychology from the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a degree in Human Capital Management from New York University. Her central focus is discovering and attracting top-tier talent to fulfill an organization's staffing requirements. Armed with exceptional relationship-building skills, she fosters meaningful connections with candidates and hiring managers.


Proficient in harnessing diverse sourcing channels and cutting-edge recruitment tools, Sofija possesses the expertise to pinpoint the ideal candidates tailored to specific job roles. One of her paramount objectives is to deeply comprehend a company's culture and values, ensuring candidates align seamlessly with the organization's mission. Sofija is unwaveringly committed to providing an excellent candidate experience throughout the entire recruitment journey, from the initial contact phase to the seamless onboarding process.


Natalia Romero 
Intern Recruiter
(646) 230-8185 Direct


Natalia joined CareerPoint in 2023. She is pursuing her bachelor's degree in psychology and a minor in Business. Her primary mission in her current role is to tap into the wealth of knowledge and strategies experienced recruiters offer. This endeavor aims to enhance her skills in building long-lasting relationships with both clients and prospective candidates.


(646) 237-5400 office
(888) 294-0226 toll free

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