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Plan.  Design.  Manage Your Career.  Choose.

​Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, interested in a more flexible work environment, or searching for a permanent position that uses your unique skills, the recruiters at CareerPoint Staffing can help find Jobs in Engineering.  Our recruiters will help you plan, design and manage a more rewarding career.


CareerPoint Staffing, A Women-Owned Business, Excels At Large Volume Employment Contract Fulfillment Throughout The Tri-State Area.


By working with CareerPoint on a temp basis, you’ll be able to concentrate on your latest project, not on looking for your next one. We can consistently refer you to a variety of rewarding projects at quality companies.  You choose the Jobs in Engineering with projects and fees suit your needs. We can also offer opportunities that allow you to “test drive” before you commit, as well as full-time Jobs in Engineering.

At CareerPoint, we will help you plan a more rewarding career.


​Of the many Jobs in Engineering, some people follow their own path while others make their own.  We seek out the latter, because self-reliant people are the best professionals, always striving for the maximum result.  Whether it’s being the best support staff in your department or striving to be the best manager on the project, you want a career, not a job.


At CareerPoint, we will help you design a more rewarding career.


Changing times, changing technologies, and a global market all contribute to career questions and the need for guidance from the experts.  Is your College degree suitable for your desired field?  Will today’s salary and compensation plans meet your short and long term needs?  These are just some of the complex matters and obstacles you face throughout your career when searching for Jobs in Engineering– from per-graduation to semi-retirement.

At CareerPoint, we will help you manage a more rewarding career.


What careers are in high demand now and for the next 20-years?  CareerPoint spends hours researching national data and employment resources to make these determinations and caters to the demand.  Our listing of professions is a current summary of hot industries trending now.  Be it Jobs in Engineering

Architecture, or Construction, IT?

At CareerPoint, we will help you choose a more rewarding career.


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